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Accessible home, why is it important?

I had one of those ah ha moments this morning about why we build an Accessible Home for our customers..  An elderly man came across the street where were working on an exterior project.and asked for our  help. His wife had fallen down while trying to get out of the house and down a few steps.  His wife who has cancer and urgently need to get to her doctors appointment..   She was pretty banged up and hurting so we helped her up and got her to the van so they could  go to the hospital. I asked if they had anyone to look after them and of course they did not. Home accessibility is so important at any age.

They were totally unprepared to live in a home by themselves and obviously did not plan ahead for the circumstances they are in. Are any of us prepared for our elderly years to live in our home the way we would like to?


Even now a few updates and modifications would make life and access to your home so much easier.  Sloping the concrete for a ramp from the front door instead of a step.  Widening the front entryway so a wheel chair can fit through. Installing balance bars along the door and walk way so they had something to grab onto in case of a fall.

Sometimes the best solution is to build a brand new home specifically built to accommodate all of the needs you may have as we age in place.  We specialize in building home that will become your ” Home for a Lifetime”.

We can view your home and consult with you about changes you can make now  to your home so you can live there much longer.  Making them  now before they become an emergency and necessity quickly that is far more expensive.  Many are not overly expensive to make when you plan for them now to anticipate your future needs.

Accessible Homes
Walk in shower


  • Accessibility  to your home
  • balance bars at key locations to prevent falls
  • widening doorways so walkers and wheel chairs can get through
  • develop a bathroom plan for easy access to bathing and other facilities
  • Kitchen appliances and counter tops at better heights for access
  • Bath vanities to allow wheel chair access
  • Cooking and microwaves at proper heights
  • Better lighting so you can see obstructions easier
  • Design and build a new totally accessible home


Give us  a call to find out how we can make a difference for you in those senior years and make them  the best years of your life!.

Craig Fairbanks





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