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7 Reasons A Barrier Free Shower Makes Good Sense

You’ve probably heard about barrier free showers in recent years in, whether in advertisements or talking with a friend.

But, what you probably haven’t heard is that from a perspective of usability and maintenance, they are often great choice when remodeling your home.

Why a barrier free shower makes good sense:

1. Water stays in the shower

A properly designed barrier free shower keeps water where it belongs; in the shower. By designing a building the shower with the right slope, the drain does all the work. And, you end up having water contained to the shower area.

2. It is more safe for everyone

More injuries happen in the bathroom than anywhere in the house. A barrier free shower increases safety for everyone by eliminating having to step over and into the shower.

3. Future savings

Along those lines, a properly designed shower can turn the added safety into future savings. By reducing accidents, it will save you money you would spend if an accident happens. (Say, you fell and broke your hip or ankle.)

4. Maintenance and time

A more open space means fewer nooks-and-crannies to clean. Not to mention,removing a shower door or curtain lessens the areas so prone to gunk build-up. You end up with a shower area that is open and everything you need to clean is easier to reach.

5. More space for your money

Since you are opening up the area and removing the transition from the main bathroom area to the shower, your bathroom will look much bigger. This can be especially attractive in smaller bathrooms.

Not only will your bathroom look bigger, you are essentially maximizing the usage of your space. If you have a smaller bathroom, that means it feeling less confined. For larger bathrooms, it makes it feel more luxurious.

Regardless of the size, this new look will also make your experience much more comfortable.

6. What you need now and later

A barrier free shower is an example of Universal Design. Which is focuses on creating things to be used by anyone; regardless of age or ability.

By adding this functionality into your bathroom, you create a space that can be used by you, grandkids or visiting friends … no matter what their needs are.

7. Style, without sacrificing function

A barrier free shower can create a space that looks more like a spa or contemporary refuge than a bathroom. These accessible showers help you create a luxurious look, without sacrificing the functionality you need or want.

Our team has been keeping our customers and their families safe and comfortable for over 60 years in the Cedar Falls area. By remodeling your bathroom, you can create a space that is enjoyable for everyone. And, gives you the peace of mind that you’ve got that added level of safety at home.

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