Building a new home - Rightsizing

Building a new home: Rightsizing For The Life You Want

Building a new home is a decision you should make purposefully. Of course, there are many decisions you have to make about your new home. Not the least of which, is how it will help you have the lifestyle you want.

Rightsizing is a good way to approach it

You’re wise enough now to know that a big house full of stuff doesn’t mean a life full of joy. That’s where the idea of rightsizing comes into play.

Rightsizing is about making better use of the space in your home; it’s quality vs. quantity. When you’re building a new home, that means planning your house so it helps you simplify your life.

You focus on having what you want and need, and doing away with the things that don’t add value to the lifestyle you want.

So, whether your house is 1,800 sq. ft. or 2,800, the spaces in it are created to support you and your family for the long-term.

Building a new home for life

Fairbanks Builders has been helping families in the Cedar Falls community create their perfect home for over 60 years. And, we can tell you that the magic is in combining thoughtful planning and good design.

Here are some of the best tips we can give you for building a new home.

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Reflect your preferred style and function

Your home is a haven, and it should reflect your taste and style. The colors you like, brands you prefer, layout, materials … as many visible aspects of your home should look like you want them to.

It should also be what you need it to be. In other words, have the features that you prefer or need. How you use your home is probably more important than it looking like you want it to. It is an investment you make, so it should make your life easier and more enjoyable.

The right spaces

To do that, you have the right rooms to support the life you have … and the life you’ll have later. Rightsizing helps you plan for what is important: family, friends and personal time. That means the right number of bedrooms, larger family areas, kitchens that are easy-to-use, bathrooms that are comfortable, storage space where you need it and features that support a healthy lifestyle.

In the right places

The days of having your rooms and thing spread over 2 or 3 floors should be gone. Today, our customers want a custom home with the convenience of having everything they need for daily life on one floor. (That’s a secret ingredient of a home for life! It’s called, “main floor living”.) You can have that with the essentials: a master suite (or, bedroom and bathroom), kitchen, family room , laundry and garage, all on one floor.

Reducing upkeep

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a ‘maintenance-free’ home. But, there’s something to be said for a home that takes less time or money to maintain. You can reduce the amount of maintenance to your new home by committing to higher quality materials and amenities. For example, choosing a higher quality home exterior can reduce how much you have to spend on maintenance and repairs. The same goes for your stove, floors, paint …there are so many places you can achieve little steps to lower your future costs.

Prepare for the future

If you’re going to go through the effort of building a new home, why wouldn’t you build it to last you? Not just quality of materials.  But, quality of life?

By including the features you want now, as well as building in what you might need later in life, you help future-proof your life, to an extent. You can do that through good design. By implementing Universal Design in your home, you can prepare for the unexpected in ways that can actually improve your life now.

With Fairbanks Builders, having your new home designed and built is a pleasant experience. We work hard to make sure you’ll not only love working with us, but also to ensure you are thrilled with your home for years to come.

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