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8 Tips To Choose The Right Residential Construction Company

Finding the right residential construction company for your new home can be a little overwhelming, given all the options in the Cedar Valley area. However, you can cut down on some of the effort if you start with an idea of what you should be looking for.

Here are some tips to make choosing the right residential construction company for your new home a little easier.

Tips to find the right residential construction company


1. What you want or need comes first

Spend some time before you even start looking for a builder thinking about what you really want in your new custom home. Think about style, design, quality, location and features for your new home.

2. The right quality

Along with knowing what you want is what quality do you want it to be? This will be partially responsible for how satisfied you are with your new home, so chose wisely. Consider the quality of construction materials, brands, building practices, a builder’s attention to detail, employees and contractors and even the quality of your interactions with them, to name a few.

3. Communication

The truth is, no project is perfect. And, one of the biggest frustrations people have with residential construction projects is that they don’t know when something is not on-time, on-budget or that there may be a problem. So, specifically ask about how a builder communicates and verify it with past customers.. Look for a home builder that has great communication built into their processes. Many have invested in online tools to help you stay up-to-date on your project.

4. Licensing and references

Checking to verify proper licensing and insurance is a crucial step in choosing a builder. While you’re doing this, also check on their affiliations in the community and the building industry, as well as any credentials they hold.

You should also ask for and verify references, since there’s no replacing talking to their actual customers. You also should tour any model homes or past homes they’ve built for clients if you are able.

5. Accountability

In line with good communication is accountability. So many times, people will complain they don’t know where a budget stands for their new home. Having this information provided regularly is very important for your project. Again, some home builders have tools they use to make this project simpler and help you, by providing oversight from senior staff members.

6. Home Warranty

Trustworthy home builders offer a warranty on their work, as do most of the companies that will make many of the items in your new home. As you choose a custom home builder, or any appliances or systems for it, verify and compare warranties.

7. Good design is irreplaceable

Your home’s design should be a reflection of you, and your wants and needs. It should be done by experienced designers who understand all of those things, as well as industry standards.

Of course, part of that goes back to what your goals are for you. Are you looking to build a home to last the rest of your life? Or, do you want a more simple lifestyle? Maybe you want to make sure the grandkids have space to stay over or visit? All of these factors are important in your design.

8. Professionalism and shared values

It just makes sense to do business with a company that conducts themselves professionally at all times and shares some of the same values as you do. Understanding a builder’s history, their mission, ethics and involvement in the community can help you decide which one is best aligned with you as an individual.
So, there you have it … 8 tips to help you choose the right residential construction company for your new home. I hope you found these ideas valuable.

And, if you’re interested in talking with a professional home builder with a rich history dating back 60 years of creating custom homes for families in the Cedar Falls area, we would welcome your call.

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