Since becoming an official Wausau Homes builder, we’ve been asked countless times, “Why Wausau?” Why would an experienced traditional home builder offer this type of construction?  The answer is simple, really – quality. The materials, customization, and climate-controlled process offer a quality that is unmatched in the industry, without sacrificing style. We believe in their process and are pleased to be official builders.

  • State-of-The-Art Home Building Software allows for precision measurements to accurately and efficiently cut materials, build roof trusses, and custom craft floor and wall framework.
  • Energy-Efficient Home Construction because all the cutting and creating is done in a climate-controlled environment, without our craftsmen battling outdoor elements, we ensure a stronger, tighter, higher-quality home with less waste and no cost overruns or time delays.
  • Quick On-Site Home Construction with local home builders laying the foundation and carpenters completing the framework in two to five days on average. This virtually eliminates exposure to the elements.
  • Fine-Tuned Home Interiors completed by local tradesmen including plumbers, electricians, insulating contractors, and drywallers.

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