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10 Things About Cost Per SqFt

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[h2]How to Choose a Homebuilder[/h2]
As you contemplate building your new home and talk with builders, you’re likely to hear the same sales presentation time and again. But when you hear the same thing, how do you choose a builder? Do you get two or three bids? Which bid really has the best value . . . and how do you know?

If you’re building a custom home in Waterloo, Cedar Falls or the surrounding area, meet with the professionals at Craig Fairbanks Homes to experience something different. Let us demonstrate the process and show you the tools we use to define, manage and deliver not only a great home, but an outstanding experience.


[h2]Preconstruction Planning Process[/h2]
The homebuilding process begins by getting to know you, your goals and your requirements so your new home will be everything you’ve dreamed of.
[h4]We’ll work together to:[/h4]

  • Establish a list of “must-have” and “nice-to-have” items, prioritized by you.
  • Create a line-item budget with the cost of every item on this list, as well as the cost of every countertop, light fixture and floor covering used to create your home.
  • Determine your final budget using the following formula:
Construction Drawings (Item Quantities) x Home Specifications (Quality)
= Line Item Construction Budget (Cost)

[h2]Client Control Center Process Management[/h2]
Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what’s happening with your homebuilding or remodeling project, anytime, day or night? With the Client Control Center, you can. The Client Control Center creates an efficient, organized, online communication channel between you and Craig Fairbanks Homes. Rest assured that the Client Control Center doesn’t replace face-to-face meetings and phone calls; it simply makes your conversations more productive.

[h4]24/7 access to the Client Control Center allows you to:[/h4]

  • Check the progress of your home
  • Track project expenses
  • Ask questions of your builder
  • View and make selections and upgrades
  • See what’s on Craig’s to-do list for your home

As your project moves forward, you and Craig Fairbanks Homes will continue to communicate via the Client Control Center, in addition to phone calls and in-person meetings. What’s more, daily or weekly summary emails will keep you up-to-date on your building or remodeling project without having to visit the website. What could be simpler!

[h2]Construction & Warranty[/h2]
How long does it take to build a house? What permits are needed – and why? What does a warranty cover?

Questions like these are common, and they’re easily answered in “Building Your New Home”. We’d like to send you this informative 56-page booklet free of charge. Simply email us your name and address and we’ll send one your way. Remember to put Free Homebuilding Booklet in the subject line.

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