Frank Lloyd Wright Summer Home Pictures at Spring Green WI

[h3]This is a the  view from the other her suite bedroom  to the Master Suite of FLW.[/h3]

You have to be there to see the real beauty of the lush green valley below from this location in the home.FLW Garden Views

Can’t you just  imagine waking up every day and  enjoying  the fresh breeze and warm morning sun coming in your  bedroom window to greet your day. It probably would not be good idea for me as why would I really want to start a work day with this environment.

However, in our advanced age of technology maybe you can the best of both worlds and work at home with a pleasant view that makes working at home a real joy.  Something to think about when designing your new home.  Do I have a need to work at home now or in the future?  If so, why not make it the best view in the home. One  that is as peaceful and enjoyable.  We can make this happen with an exterior courtyard area to access your at home office or other customization’s to suite your preference.

This is why we have a full time in house designer who has the imagination to make your home truly a personal creation customized for your specific needs. You will be really impressed with her pleasant helpful attitude and superior knowledge that Heather has to make it all HAPPEN!! for you.

Heather Howard_MG_2700 8x10

Ask Heather by emailing or calling her at 319-553-1457 or


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