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Living Life Well

Baby Boomer lifestyle - Cedar Falls, IA

At this stage in life, you recognize what steals your time and energy, versus activities you really enjoy. Heritage Hills provides homes specifically designed to allow you focus on more of the good stuff and less of the hassle.

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It isn’t about home size. It’s about opportunity.


Heritage Hills homes are lower maintenance custom homes, with any luxury items the homeowner desires,

  • Open floorplans
  • Plentiful easy-reach storage
  • First-floor master bedrooms
  • No steps into your home
  • Wide foyers
  • 36-inch-wide doorways and pocket doors
  • Walk-in tile showers and bath suites
  • Proper task lighting

What you want now, and what you’ll need later.

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You’ve invested years building your life in this community. Just because your home is no longer what you need, doesn’t mean you should have to move away from family and friends. Thankfully, you have another choice.

By learning more about how our custom homes can help you keep living on your terms, you’ll be able to make educated decisions about what your next best steps are for your life.

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