Crestwood Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets - Cedar FallsAt Fairbanks we use only top of the line cabinetry and built-in’s in our remodeling work from Crestwood Custom Cabinetry of Salina, Kansas. We choose them for the high quality standard they have that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. It’s rare that we receive a complaint about the quality or function, however words of praise and appreciation are often heard.

Authorized distributor

We are the major dealer in the state of Iowa, found right here in Cedar Falls. So, we are able to install these super high end cabinets at the price of most other off the rack cabinets that many others use to get you a perceived low price. We will meet or beat any other Contractor or Remodeler in price and value.

Crestwood is one of the country’s most modern woodworking plants with state-of-the-art technology offering cabinetry in the traditional face frame design and the European frameless design, including closet organization systems.

Crestwood Cabinetry - Authorized dealerWith their collection of color and wood combinations and assorted door and cabinet styles, you will have a nearly endless choice of traditional and contemporary designs to customize your dream kitchen or bath. You can truly have a one of a kind gourmet kitchen rather than a tract home kitchen.

Crestwood is a “green” company, only purchasing from responsible suppliers who manage their forests and produce sustainable cabinetry in the process. Recycling cardboard, steel, and even aluminum cans as a total way of doing business at Crestwood and cost savings are passed on to you.

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