Kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Life Easier

We’re asked for kitchen design ideas by nearly every customer when we’re planning a kitchen remodeling project for them.

Most of them say they find plenty of inspiration online, but sometimes it’s hard to know which ones will work or look right in your home. (That, and there are just so many out there it can get a little overwhelming.)

To help out, here is some of the my best advice for remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen design ideas


Focus on good design

Good design is the tool we use to get the kitchen you’ll love and one that will make your life easier. We work in Universal Design everywhere we can; it can help future-proof your kitchen by making it easier and more enjoyable to use for everyone.

That’s especially important for busy Boomers who want to keep their home when they’re a little older or people that have specific physical needs.

We’re committed to helping our Cedar Falls neighbors have homes that work for them, so let me elaborate a little. Universal Design is used to create something that is easily used by nearly anyone. It doesn’t matter what the person’s age is or what their abilities are. Then, there is the idea of accessibility, which is something being easy to approach, reach, enter or use.

We use these two concepts as much as you let us to help you create a kitchen (bathroom, bedroom or other room of your home) that works for your lifestyle.

So, if you’re creating your home for life, looking to just make your home more enjoyable to be in, or have specific physical needs … the right design for your remodeling project matters.

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Open space makes a big difference

We try to get the most open space possible in every kitchen design. Why? Because layouts that provide the most open space make your kitchen look larger, more inviting and easier to move around in.

If you plan on keeping your home forever, try to get a five-foot radius of open space in the kitchen. This will help your kitchen feel larger, and also is is recommended to accommodate anyone, including people using an assistive device such as a walker or wheelchair.


Typically, kitchen counters are the same height. Did you know that varying the height of your counters can make them easy to when you’re standing or sitting? (Including the grandkids!)

We also can install a tough countertop that is easy to clean and look beautiful.

Storage that makes life easier

There are a lot of options available for kitchen storage. Open shelving, pull-down shelves, roll-out shelves and drawers in your cabinets; there are so many.

Deep drawers are something we’re seeing a lot of, lately. You can put practically anything in them, and they are super easy to use. Also, large pull-out pantries make getting to cans, spices and other items effortless.

When it comes to kitchen design ideas for storage, my best advice is to get as much as you can. Then, to make sure it is as easy to reach as possible. (We have a designer that can help you maximize this.)


Did you know they make dishwashers and microwave ovens in drawers? Both can make kitchen work easier on your body by reducing how much you have to move or bend.

There also ovens with doors that open to the side. When you combine that with a pull-out shelf under the oven, it can make baking a little more safe.

Installing appliance lifts for portable (but heavy) appliances, such as mixers, can bring the appliance up from their storage spot to the right height for you to use.

Finally, if you’re going to purchase new appliances, look for ones that have controls with large displays and buttons, do not have twist knobs and can be operated with one hand. That’s just easier on everyone.

Sinks you’ll love

There are a few sink configurations that we try to recommend to our customers, which really can help make your work easier. The optimum configuration is a shallow sink decrease the amount of reaching down and lifting you have to do when working. Along with a touch-activated or lever-handled faucet that is side-mounted.

We also recommend leaving open space beneath the sink so you can sit while you’re doing the dishes.

More light is always better

Having the right amount of light will make your work easier and reduce the chance of accidents happening in the kitchen. Get as much natural light as possible. Then, install larger lights that provide optimum lighting and task lights in areas where you need it.

Also, make sure that light switches are placed at every entrance to the kitchen and are easily reached by anyone. (You can also automate these.)

We’ve used these and many other kitchen design ideas in remodeling projects for our customers in the Cedar Valley community.

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