Kitchen remodel ideas

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you look around the Internet, there’s no shortage of kitchen remodel ideas. Some of them are good. But, a lot of what you find out there is little too “cutting edge” for many of our customers. (Not to mention, they have hefty price tags.)

We know our customers very well and can say most have a taste for modern design; not outlandish. They don’t mind spending to remodel their home, as long as they get the look and features they want. But, they want a good value.

That’s why we’ve collected some appealing (yet, affordable) kitchen remodel ideas. So, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the new year, here are some great ideas to inspire you.

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Kitchen remodel ideas

Open it up

Opening up your kitchen space not only makes it easier to use, it will also make it more enjoyable. Having a kitchen that is open makes it more inviting, especially if it flows naturally into the other areas of the home.


Along those same lines, simplifying your kitchen helps create a relaxed and organized environment. By strategically planning how your kitchen should work for you, you can eliminate some the the unnecessary features you won’t need.

Using white with light wood tones is another way you can simplify the look of your kitchen. (It also lends to making it look clean.)

Features that matter

Many times our customers are looking for kitchen remodel ideas to help make their kitchens suit their lifestyles. Entertaining, family meals and a simplified life are just some of the reasons why people might want to remodel.

Some features that help with that include:

Cabinets – White or light upper cabinets can be combined with more colorful lower cabinets. Try natural wood or darker tones to create a custom, updated look.

Counters – New counters can greatly improve the look of your kitchen. Not to mention, make cleaning much easier. Some of the top choices are granite and quartz.

More storage – Larger pantries or islands with storage areas. As an alternative to traditional lower cabinets are deep drawers. These give you more storage space that is easier to reach. Combine them with dividers and trays to organize everything.

Specific use areas – Dedicated baking or prep areas.

Appliances – Larger, energy efficient refrigerator/freezers, cook tops and dishwashers.

Islands – Kitchen islands are a great way to add more work space to your kitchen. You also can add even more benefit with more storage, sinks and seating .

Just the right look

Contrast – Combining colors and textures can help you create depth and style in your kitchen.

Major appliance makers are offering colored stainless steel as an alternative to silver, which can help you create the look you want. You can also bring a splash of color with sinks, backsplashes and accent cabinets to compliment your new appliances.

Lighting – Nothing makes a kitchen more welcoming than good lighting. Having as much natural light as possible is best. Also, consider strategically placed task lighting in work areas, cabinets and corners.

Flooring – Floors have to be tough to withstand the rigor of life in the kitchen. Popular choices for durability and easier cleaning include hardwood, ceramic tile or porcelain tile. Each of these come in a variety of colors and, in the case of tile, textures or designs.

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