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Public hearing on electricity bill overhaul
By Morgan Lee4:43 P.M.SEPT. 12, 2014
An SDG&E inspector helps interconnect a rooftop solar array in San Diego. — Ted Walton
A plan to add fixed fees to home utility bills in the San Diego area and increase charges for small consumers of electricity will get a public hearing in San Diego on Tuesday and El Cajon on Thursday.

Proposed billing changes by San Diego Gas & Electric are likely to ease pressure on large consumers of home electricity, while increasing the burden on smaller users, solar customers and subsidized lower-income households.
Changes proposed for 2015 would increase bills for lower-use customers by roughly 8 percent and lower bills a smaller group of high-use customers by roughly 30 percent, according to Caroline Winn, vice president for customer services at SDG&E.
The investor-owned utility says that low-use customers and households with rooftop solar are not paying their fair share of costs for maintaining the power grid.